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CIPS Podcast: A Conversation with China Economist Arthur Kroeber on China's High-Tech Drive

Photo credit: Harald Groven/Flickr

Photo credit: Harald Groven/Flickr

In this podcast, a joint production of CSIS's CogitAsia and the China Innovation Policy Series (CIPS), we explore how China’s tech innovation drive fits into the country's wider economic picture.

To gain a sense of whether the Chinese government’s initiatives to develop new technology are succeeding, Scott Kennedy, co-leader of the China Innovation Policy Series project at CSIS, joined China macroeconomist Arthur Kroeber, managing director of Gravekel Dragonomics, an economic research consultancy based in Beijing, to discuss the issue. Kroeber emphasizes the largely positive results from China's multi-pronged drive to promote high tech. He describes the rationale behind China’s technological innovation drive, highlights the success of leading Chinese Internet companies, and evaluates what options countries like the United States have to respond.    

Hosted by Will Colson. Audio edited by Liz Mayes. Written and produced by Jeffrey Bean.

Listeners can see more about Arthur Kroeber’s book China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs To Know, here.

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